Projects in Costa rica

Projects in Costa rica

Kalia was founded in 2005 by Amnon Dahan upon returning from a trip to Costa Rica where he fell in love with the country, its people and the extraordinary opportunity to create incredible luxurious and sustainable developments. All properties were purchased over 5 years ago with private capital and the company continues to operate without bank financing. Its current estimated asset value is over $100 million and is estimated to grow beyond $1.5 billion in the near future.

Kalia has flourished uniquely as a company because it brings a sexy new flavor to the luxury real estate/vacation property marketplace. The Kalia recipe features a reinvention of the “eco-village”, adapting this idea to include a level of secluded luxury, and then seasoning generously with posh extras in some of the most desirable locations in all of Costa Rica .What you get is the ultimate super exclusive luxury modern destination featuring cutting edge sustainable modern design, innovative green building techniques, super-posh amenities and all the best attractions in ecotourism.

Kalia offers twelve distinctive floor plans, each a haven of indoor outdoor living with the finest appointments. Each house was thoughtfully designed to respond to different terrain and the natural contour of the sites and to fully integrate and take advantage of the surroundings and includes many ecological and energy conserving practices that fulfil our commitment to sustainability and conservation. From infinity pools to green planted rooftops, every aspect of our homes and neighbourhoods invite you to live in communion with nature.

Your home will include luxury finishes from around the world including Italian cabinetry and plumbing fixtures, German appliances, Israeli stone counter tops and contemporary ecological European furniture packages.

Imagine the relaxation of arriving in your modern ocean view villa with everything set just the way you want it; the kitchen stocked with your favourite groceries; fresh towels and robes in each bathroom, daily made service, and a friendly concierge to plan your weeks activities. Enjoy all these amenities so you can relax and enjoy your luxury villa.